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Background audio comes out phased and distorted




  I installed NXT7 one month ago on my windows desktop. 64 bit, windowns 10,  newest updates. 
NXT7 updated. 
Using videowave I've historically been able to ad mp3's to still images at 60 min duration for youtube. 
All of a sudden, the audio . at 30 min mark (approx) starts phasing, flanging, and distorts.  It progressively worsens. 
I've tried the audio on  sound fx, music, and internal track.    same result.
ij've tried exporting to ipad 720, mpeg 720, and achvd 720x480.   same result.  
I redonloaded mp3s from source on web, using diff browser.  checked mp3s using WMPlayer.  they are fine.  no distortion.  
I switched from render using hardware  to software.  same results. 
Is it the audio filter?   
Please help.

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Hello;  This is the exact same problem I seem to be having. In Videowave story board each clip at some point audio is distorted. When I open the "trim" window, no distortion.  When I open these original downloaded files and view with any video program on my system, no distortion.  When I render them to any type of file, the distortion remains.  As an aside, when I open MyDVD and use the .dmsm file these clips are in and preview there is NO distortion.  Stranger yet, it does NOT happen with each clip whether there are .avi or .mpg which kinda leads me to believe it has something to do with the way these clips were orignally recorded.  (We did not record them we are doing a favor for someone and attempting to clean them up and burn them to a blu-ray).

Tiz a puzzlement.

Years ago we had a similar problem with a different version of Roxio and Videowave related to my husband changing recording mode midstream.  But in that case, everywhere one viewed the video there was distortion.

As an aside, options of videowave there is a path for audio filters that leads to a folder with no filters; rather some .dat files from my previous projects. The path is  c:\users\Kathleen\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\EMC15\VideoUI\AudioFilters

Anyway, in case any of this is helpful to anyone who has the time to help I'm including a few screen shots: 




Thank you.

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This appears to be the same problem I experience with NXT6.  I have spent MONTHS with tech support.  All of their suggestions are WORTHLESS.  I even created screen captures to prove what is going on.  They (tech support) continually feign ignorance to attempt to close the inquiry number.  Interestingly, I finally came across one tech who mentioned this is a common complaint.

Here is what I discovered - for whatever reason when the program creates the audio proxy file, it creates a “corrupted” proxy audio file.  The longer the video to be edited, the more fuzzy/corrupt the sound will progressively become.  It is clearly a problem with how the program extracts audio from the video when it creates the proxy file.  They may have hard coded an improper setting into the program or something.  You can confirm this yourself by changing the default audio proxy directory in settings and then listening to the audio file it creates.   I can’t figure out if the program uses the proxy file for rendering or if it creates another temporary (yet also corrupt) audio file.

 This is repeatable on multiple machines.  An i9 - MacBook running windows duel boot - even my surface 4.   All of them exhibit this behavior.  I believe they use ffmpeg to extract, but I still don't know how it is called up for the conversation.

This is entirely due to a poorly crafted program.  I can replicate the problem with multiple machines and differing files.

It is not your drivers (video or sound) - it is NOT a machine dependent problem.  It is a bug that Roxio/Corel must address.

I was hoping a fix would be issued by Roxio/Corel to take care of it.

Contact tech support via email in this site.  Let them log a complaint.   https://www.roxio.com/en/support/


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added link to Support page
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