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Toast 18 "dark mode" turn off?

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Right after upgrading to Toast 18, I noticed the display was very dark and hard for me to read. I assume this is a new "dark mode" view. However, I'm one of those who hates dark mode. I never use it in the OS and with individual apps, I always shut it off. It just makes everything so dark, I have to crank up the monitor brightness to max, which is a useless waste of the backlight.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a way to shut off this dark mode in the app. Is this the only option? If so, it makes everything look really dismal and hard to see.

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I whole heartedly agree with you and I also hate dark mode. No way to switch it back to normal, so I stopped upgrading. Good old Burn is still alive and recently updated, check it out on MacUpdate. Goodbye Toast!

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