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Hi -


I'm trying to help a neighbor (who just received a Compaq Presario) burn his .mp3 files

to a DVD (just as data, not something to listen to). Part of the problem is that I'm not

familiar with CD/DVD-burning software in the PC world (I'm a Unix and MacOS guy), and

my neighbor doesn't have Toast.


There is some s/w called MediaHub that we've run - it looks like it will do most of what

we need. However, when I drag the folder of a few hundred subfolders of artists and

songs, not all of them copy (only folders starting with A-C). I've tried "selecting all"

and then copying with no success. So I've come to the conclusion that this s/w just

can't handle this many files. Am I correct, or just doing something wrong ??


Also, I don't see "MediaHub" listed as a current product. Is this an earlier name for

something current ?? Or was this demo s/w that needs to be upgraded ??


Thanks in advance for any pointers . . .



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