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Drag and drop issues

Kevin Shaw

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Have just purchased Toast 18 to burn large BD projects.

Have inserted Verbatim BDXL into Panasonic burner, go to media viewer and drop in 78.91gb QT MP4 file.

Information bar at bottom of screen says only 904 kb.

Have also had issues where it shows 500 gb ! - in fact it seems to be all over the place.

Am i missing something here ?, all projects created on IMOVIE on Macbook Pro 3.1Ghz Intel Core 17 16GB memory. I have created numerous dvds on this system

in the past using Toast 11, but now want to write BD and it seems i cant.

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I"m experiencing the same issue. I had purchased Toast 18 before and then got a refund due to all the issues.  I thought they got the issues resolved, which some have been resolved but it seems that the size of added m2ts videos still isn't fixed.  I dropped 4 videos, between 5 and 6 GB each and the bar at the bottom says that the total is only 3.4 GB.

Also when you click on edit for an added movie, you can see the video in the edit window. It doesn't play, you can't click on the timeline and see an image.

Guess its still not ready for prime time.

I can only hope Roxio gets these issues fixed because this is the best solution for burning blu rays and DVD's.

UPDATE: it seems that if you enable encoding "NEVER" thats when it drops a 5GB file size down to about 1.8GB in the bar on the bottom. Even with encoding set to automatic , it gets a mac error code 50 and never writes anything.

Also, what happened to selecting Dolby digitial as the audio track?

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