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Customizing DVD Menus in Toast 18 Pro on a Mac


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OK. I've already filed 4 tech help requests with NO HELP AT ALL. Please do not send me to the article for Toast 8. It is too old and does not apply.

I want to change the color of the type, the typeface, and placement of the type. Also put in a custom background. And move items to their best place in the layout.

MyDVD Pro continues to CRASH each time I want to make an .iso file.

Toast 18 Pro, will not show the addition "100+" menu options they tout on their website and I paid for. Also I can't customize any place, style, color or text. The thumbnails are way too small to see or give any help.

What can I do?

Is there a better piece of software to buy to help me make custome DVD menus and burn an .iso file? I've done research but am a bit confused.


Hope someone has an answer for me.


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My guess is that you have come across one of the limitations of toast. I have been using toast for many years. Over all these years there have been comments from users that they want much more freedom to create personally created menus rather than the ones provide by the app. Being able to have animations and much feature rich menus is what has been commented on. For what ever reasons, Roxio has not enabled that kind of feature. Hope you find an app that allows for that and includes the features in toast as well.

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I'm using Toast 17, but should be the same as Toast 18.

Try this.

1. Open Toast.

2.  Click on video tab in the top center.

3. Click on the options tab in the top right corner

4.  Select the format tab under format and select the format you want.

5.  Under menu style, select customize

6. Select the menu tab in the top center.

7. that will open a window that shows the image of an image.

8. Drag and drop the Photoshop image you want on top of the current image. That show show the image you want.

9. Be sure you type in the menu title you want. The default is my movie.

10.  Click OK which will bring you back to the main Toast window.

Proceed as usual. If this does not work Then contact tech support directly. Tech support does not monitor these support group posts.


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At least you can adjust the video title and move it around.  What is needed is to be able to change the size of the text and font and it would be complete..  If that is possible, at least it would be considered more customizable.  You can change the background picture, change the music, but no text changes.  Probably the program was written a long time ago (from the looks of the menu template) and no one knows now the coding anymore or the coders are now gone or retired.

What would be a great help is to be able to delete from a template the video window playing parts of the video as an option.

The best would be to be able to just have a template that is nothing and you can add your own background, music and text font (including changing the size).  JUST one template like that would make this program the "go to" for DVD and Blu-ray creation. 

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