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Learning center not working

Jim B


I am using NXT 4. I can open the learning center and get a selection of the different subjects. If I click on one of the subjects, I get a list of PDF files to view. When I try to open one of the PDF files, nothing happens.

Can someone help please?

Jim Birke

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Hello Jim,

I just tried it in my NXT 4 and it seems to be working fine on my machine.  Selecting the Learning Center from your NXT 4 menu should bring you a display like this:


If you go to the right and click on 'View PDF' then a PDF should download and be displayed.  There should be a separate PDF file linked to each entry (except for the one at Video-Movies - Creating Green Screen Effects, which uses a Flash video).

Does your machine fail to download the PDF, or is there a problem displaying it after it downloads?  Here is a LINK to the first PDF.  Double-click on the link and your internet browser should open, download, and display the PDF.  Please tell me if it arrived and displayed okay.   If this works but you still can't make it work from your Roxio NXT menu, I can give you a list of links for the PDFs from all 4 sections of the Learning Center which will allow you to download the desired PDFs through your browser.

Regards, Brendon

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Thank you for the reply. I'm trying to find some help in the music – audio tab. It doesn't matter which tab I open, none of the PDF files open. The link you sent me opened in Microsoft edge. I right clicked on it but didn't see an "open with" selection. I generally use Firefox as my browser and Foxit PDF reader for PDF files.

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Aha!  I also use Firefox as my browser, and Foxit as my reader.  Firefox is default browser, and PDFs are set to open in Foxit reader.

I've generated a list of the links from the learning center.  I'll print them here and also attach a text file containing them, if that's handier for you.

Highlight and copy the link you want, then paste it into the address bar on Firefox and hit Enter.  The PDF should then download and open, like this example.   Alternately, you can just right-click the link in this post, and Open link in new Tab or Window.


Click on the down-arrow (in the red box) to download a copy of the PDF file.

Please come back to me if you have any problems with this.   Here is the list of links, and a text file containing those links is attached and can be downloaded.







Edited by Brendon
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Thank you for the reply and the links. The Learning Center I'm using is the one from NXT4 In the Music – audio tab as the selections. They are quite different from the ones you sent me (See below)I have Roxio 2012 installed on my computer the Learning Center in it is the same as the one in 2010. The PDF files in it do not open either.I have Foxit set as my go to app for PDF files. Have you noticed that, sometimes, they open in Microsoft edge Like the links you sent me?



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Hi Jim, (It's Brendon, not Brandon)

We still haven't solved why your learning center PDFs aren't downloading and appearing properly, and you still haven't told me if you can download and display them from my links, above.  (Other people tell me they can use the above links, so we're trying to solve whatever is interfering in your machine)

Do the PDFs download from the Learning Center screen? 

Do they download from my links? 

You seem to have some 'file association' problems if they sometimes start Edge and appear in there instead of Foxit, or are we mis-communicating?   In either case, I'm keen to keep going and help you with these problems.  Please answer those two questions above.

Finally, you seem to be indicating that you have both NXT4 and Creator 2012 installed on your machine.  I think that might cause a tangle, but since NXT4 can only be installed a limited number of times I'm not game to waste an install by trying to install them both on one machine, just to see if there's a tangle.  :)    However if there are any PDFs you can see, that you want but can't get, please let me know and I'll try to get them for you.

Regards, Brendon

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Hi Jim,

Thanks very much for that info.   I can't think why they don't download from the Learning Center, unless you've got some sort of pop-up blocker operating.   Even then that wouldn't explain it, since the links I posted are straight out of the Learning Center coding and so the PDFs are coming from the same Roxio site if you get them through the L.C. or via my links.    Very strange - perhaps through the possible tangle of C2012 and NXT4 ?? [wild guesses!]

If the PDFs open in Edge as they download, that could be the way your browser is set to display them, so you should examine your browser settings.   If, when you double-click the previously downloaded file they open in Edge, then your 'file associations' are set wrong.   Hope that helps.

Are there any PDFs you still need to find?


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When I looked at my list of default apps by file type, I see that I got Foxit selected for PDF files. As of right now I don't need to find any other PDF files. I'll keep you in mind if I do...Maybe we haven't solved the problem but, we took a pretty good swing at it.


Edited by Jim B
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