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Slight flashes at start of some edits on burning with Toast 18


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I have a glitch on some of my edits on the burnt DVD version of my 30 minute video, but not on the original source file as exported by Adobe Premier Pro CC 2017. It takes the form of slight flashes for perhaps a frame or two - I mean that it is as if there are a few frames that are colour corrected differently for the first fraction of the next clip after the edit. I have gone through the source file frame by frame at these edits and cannot see it when it is in Premier Pro or when it is exported to a master file that is then burnt in Toast 18. When this DVD is played on the TV that's when these flashes appear but only on some of the edits. The DVD player I use is a Cambridge one that plays most things and the quality is good on a Sony Bravia TV. Other DVDs played in this player don't have this problem. 

Here is my workflow: 

Source media: Panasonic GH4 .mpeg video 1080 25p plus some JPEG stills.  (Adobe sees the GH4 output as mpeg4) 

Edit timeline: Perhaps 500 edits, graphics, effects including stabilisation (warp stabiliser) and 'Neat Video' 5 noise reduction. 

Number of video tracks - 7

Number of audio tracks -  11

Export 'same as source' - so Panasonic codec for .mpeg , 1080p 25fps

Output file is 13G with a .mpeg postfix,  for 34 minute film. This is then added to Toast 18 for burning. 

I've tried going via Adobe media encoder to mpeg2, but the result is better with Toast (using all the best quality settings) - however, has those flashes on some edits that are not in source. 

Toast 18 converts the 13G mpeg4 input file to 2.2G mpeg2 - this is OK but seems a waste as it could use all the 4.5G of the DVD for slightly better quality? But this kind of optimisation is a separate issue to the glitches on some edits. 

This is my system: 

Mac Pro Tower (cheese grater) 2008, 10.11.6 El Capitan OS, 2 x 3GHz Quad core Xeon, Nvidia GTX 680 2G graphics card, Mercury playback engine

Burning: Samsung SE084 external DVD burner - TSSTcorp CDDVDW SE-S084C (can't get Toast to work with internal superdrive although it will burn and play with other software).

SO it's a puzzle - any suggestions please? !

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Has no one got any ideas about this then?  It is a real effect happening it seems because of some differential compression or processing around some edits by the Roxio software. I would have thought at least that the Toast team would comment since it is a glitch in their software most likely  - or if not please tell me why not? 

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Hello - is there anyone out there ? there? there? ... (echoes)

I feel like I am talking to myself here, but just in case anyone ever has this issue I think I discovered what it might be: 

Modern TVs have all sorts of 'intelligent' colour and contrast settings - in this case It was my Sony Bravia TV that was doing odd things when it saw highly contrasting frames - when I switched off the 'auto contrast' setting it stopped happening - new one for me. These sorts of settings are often in the less visible 'advanced' section of your TV options menu, in case you have trouble finding them. Humans it seems are not obsolete yet. 

Further evidence is that I was not seeing the same effect on other devices.

Evidence that it was not the Roxio Toast 18 encoding was that I sent off the job to a professional duplicator and the returned DVDs did the same on my TV as the Toast burnt ones until I turned the auto contrast off.

BTW the Toast burnt DVDs were more unreliable in many devices than the professional duplicated ones but this may be because my DVD burner drives are all about ten years old or so, so the Roxio software is probably not to blame. 

BTW2 My toast burnt while I was writing this. 

So there we have it - 'thanks for nothing' as Jack Dee would say! 


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