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audio is working but not video. why?



i have been recording videos all month, taking all the old family vhs tapes and trying to make them all digital. long story. so i was in the middle of recording a video and it suddenly said "finishing" near where the record button is. i tried stopping it. nothing happened. i tried closing the program and still nothing. i had to ctrl, alt, del to get the program to stop running. i have since restarted the computer and unplugged and replugged everything and it wont retrieve any video. i can hear the audio but it says no video signal on the screen. im no guru when it comes to this kind of stuff but it seems like more of a software issue because of the way it seems when i try to load or press something within the program it wants to lag.. please.. anyone help. i only have 8 vhs' left 

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Does the tape your having problems with play ok in your VCR.?

Try another tape or two. Some users have found that the EVD is very sensitive to any interrupt or 'noise' on a tape. When it sees that, it sees it as end of tape and stops.

Try using the Record - Edit - Save  part of the program instead of the Record DVD. (reason? one glitch and you lose a dvd)

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