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using USB dongle hu3810 for .wma output


The product EASY VHS > DVD works as designed. 

Issue:  I have .wma audio files that I want to play through my home system/player e.g. BOSE.  I attached the ROXIO dongle to the USB port (WIN10 - DELL) and the DEVICE MGR says 'all working properly' in both the USB and AUDIO sections.   I plug in the white/red cable ends into their proper dongle colors.  (laptop > USB > dongle > red/white > BOSE)... I start playing the .WMA audio and hear it thru the laptop speakers, but I cannot hear it thru the Home speakers...  know that the AUX ports speakers work (hooked to TV) .  

question:  can I use the 'easy VHS capture dongle' as 'audio output only'?   no video, no CD/DVD.  

just 'window media player' > .wma > USB > dongle > home sound system...

I did see that .wma format might not work and need to convert to .MP3???, my current software will not save as mp3 only .wma. 

but still need to know if I can use your dongle as audio output only.  

TIA Tom 

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It is a capture device!

Contact Dell and ask ways to do what you want using your onboard audio or your sound card.

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