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Gamecap HD Pro Nintendo Switch



I got this capture card today, and attempted to use it to record gameplay from my Nintendo Switch.

However, I am having a problem where the gamecap hd pro software shows "Status: no signal" in the recording window.

I have seen a few videos of people using this card for the Switch, so I do believe it should work.

Does anyone know what could be causing this problem?



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Red no signal indicates that the Roxio device is being recognized properly but it is not receiving a HDMI signal from your Switch device.

As a quick test, try another source of HDMI signal (DVD player) eg.

What do you have the TV option set too on the Switch?





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I actually just got it to work!

I'm pretty sure the Gamecap came with a faulty USB cord. I noticed that the light on the device itself sometimes changed from purple to red when jiggled around in the Gamecap's port.

I still think this is strange though, because as you said, the red no signal means that the software recognized that the Gamecap was connected to my computer.

Also, the order in which I connect wires seemed to effect whether the device works. When I connect the Gamecap to my computer while both HDMI cords are inserted, it doesn't work and shows a red no signal, even with a new cord. But if I connect the Gamecap to my computer first with the new cord, then my TV to the Gamecap second, and third connect my Switch to the Gamecap, it works fine.

Thanks a lot for your help in setting this up :)



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