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Live Screen Capture not capturing native audio since upgrading to Mojave

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I upgraded to Mojave and Live Screen Capture no longer captures native audio (it does capture audio from the mic if the "microphone input" box is checked, which I rarely want). 

I upgraded to Toast 18 thinking that would fix the problem, but it didn't. I've spent 4 days and several hours with Roxio "support" to absolutely no avail.

I've done a clean install.  I've made sure that I've given Live Screen Capture access using system preferences, I've made sure that my audio isn't muted (uh . . . duh), I've checked my audio input and output in system preferences.  


I just noticed that Live Screen Capture is still version 1.1, released in 2014. So Roxio, are you not supporting this software anymore but still falsely marketing it as part of the Toast upgrade?  That's the only reason I paid to upgrade.

Anyway, sorry for ranting, but you should have seen the first version of this message :-).  

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hours and hours of frustration on the phone with Roxio led me nowhere.  They claimed to be completely unaware of the issue, but when I dug around the internet I found it was a known issue that began with Mojave. 

I did solve the problem, but am not exactly sure how :P  My research came across some references to "soundflower," which I had on my older Mac, so I got the feeling that was part of the puzzle. I found a place to download and install it for free (someone named Matt Ingalls took it over so google him and soundflower and you should find the link, as well as some articles on installation). I'm kind of puzzled because I don't have it selected as my input device, but I can now use Live Screen Capture for video with sound.

Do some research before downloading it, though, 'cause I'm not sure what OS you're running (I'm still on Mojave), and don't know if it'll cause any negative issues for you.


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