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Ripping Vinyl...No Audio


I just received a SoundBlaster X-fi USB external sound card with phono preamp.  I'm attaching it to my Windows 10 laptop by USB.  I want to be able to rip some old records, but here's what I'm encountering:

1.  In the process of ripping, I can see that there is recording going on, but I can't hear anything through the headphones.

2.  I have to use headphones, and I can hear audio being played from the PC with no problem, but can't hear anything from the turntable during recording.

3.  I use NXT5 pro....the Sound Editor feature.

I'm pretty sure it's a settings issue, but I'm not sure what to change without messing something up.

Any ideas?

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Check this---The audio cable from my speakers are connected to the "What you hear" port on my sound card.

I use the program NXT 7 Pro. I go to the "Music and audio" program and when there I click on "Capture audio from sound card".

Once that starts I start the audio file I want to capture  and then click on "Record". Whe funished I click on edit in the sound editor

feature and the click on save for that capture. Save it to my desktop and that's it.

Your NXT 5 pro should have pretty much the same features. I am not running it so not sure if each setting is exactly the same

but should be very similar.


Manage sound Devices W10 Pro.jpg

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