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Issues with Catalina 10.15.2


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Michelle, I hope this gets to you and sorry for the late reply. So, despite the useless support from Roxio or whomever owns the company, as they gave me absolutely NO, ZERO support. TERRIBLE service and support, and I've been purchasing their products for years...and I keep purchasing their products, guess I'm the dummy here,  I did get my issue sorted out after playing around with different methods to try burning DVD's, and wasting DVD media, but that's OK. So for my purposes I have it working just fine. Not knowing your circumstances, I don't know if we are discussing apples vs apples. I have never received the error that is illustrated on your screen shots. Essentially I #1-after editing video clip I move clip to desktop. #2-Open up Toast and settings to DVD Video in upper left corner of screen and format, best in quality, and check box auto play on insert and continuously play if warranted. #3-With files on desktop I choose disc on upper taskbar, add file from desktop and open. I do this for every file I want on my DVD. #4-Edit names of each file in areas provided. #5-Attach DVD burner and record.

This program is not as robust as iMovie is/was, but now that Apple with Catalina has discontinued ability to burn DVD's with iMovie, and until there is a better workaround (is there one?) this is what we/I am stuck with. I liked being able to do great editing with titles and transitions and then burning the final product with iMovie, but Apple took that away from us.

If you have any questions or require any clarification of my process, feel free to write me back. IF you have any thoughts of how to use iMovie AND burn the end product, please let me know. I really like iMovie and all its capabilities, but not being able to burn a DVD is a severe limitation.



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Thanks so much Bill, will see what I can do re: your message 👍 been ignoring my computer few days, had me very annoyed. All my files were created as Mp4 files in iMovie, always worked burring movies in toast in the past, not now.... will give apple a call also. Thanks for your message will give it a go as soon as I can.

Cheers Michelle


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Michelle...keep in touch with me and let me know where you are and what you have found out. Hopefully others will read our threads and throw some "crumbs" our way. I miss the capabilities of iMovie. Also, because of Catalina I'm no longer able to use my turntable and burn music using Ion like I used to......All in the name of progress.

Cheers to you as well.....Bill

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