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NXT PRO 6/Windows 10 Ultimate FAIL

Paul Nutter


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Hello Paul,

I have NXT 6 Pro running under Windows 10 pro x64 ver.jpg.d3a32699cf6e36a6bb7e52b163d81e9c.jpg (the latest) and apart from a small display problem on the main menu it still all seems to be running properly, so it's not just a case of NXT 6 Pro being incompatible with updated Windows 10.

You said you "can't do anything" with the software.  What happens when you try?      You also said you can't uninstall it.   What happens when you try?

Since the installer key for Creator NXT 6 is limited in the number of uses it will allow you, the best course if the software stops working is to Repair it rather than uninstall, if you can.   Have you tried that?   Repair doesn't affect the installs left on your installer key.

Another way to uninstall suggested by some of the Gurus here is to download and install the free Revo uninstaller, then use it in Moderate mode to remove all traces of the Roxio software.

Regards, Brendon

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