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Toast 18 pro : you do not appear to be a registered user

Eric vE

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I purchased Toast 18 pro beginning of January, 2020. I had an early version of Toast and wanted to upgrade...

After installation I got the message: 


Customer support advised me to remove Toast 18 and all roxio/corel related files in the Library. I did so and rebooted and reinstalled.

Still the same problem. I repeated this 4 times, sent EtreCheck and Console reports to Customer Support.

Now they advise me to wipe and clean Toast 18 again and to install Toast18 on a different user account. I am rather reluctant to do so, as I find this a non acceptable workaround.

Did anyone do this with success? Thanks,



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I was having this issue with NXT 7. While in the midst of trying to get supports help they sent me these instructions.I didn't use them since I'm on PC but I saved the email.

I don't know if they'll work for you but it may be worth the try. Sorry for the lengthy post.Good luck.


"I apologize for your Inconvenience. Please follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

“You do not appear to be a registered user. Please re-install the application or call customer support with error code 1011” this problem is due to a corruption or the absence of the file that holds the user registration information, aptly named"userData.json".

A “JSON” file stands for JavaScript Object Notation, and is a standard-format text file. Toast 18 stores a user’s registration information as a JSON file.

The userData.json file is located in this folder path:
Note: The tilde (~) character simply indicates that this folder path is hidden.

Please follow the below troubleshooting Procedure:

The first thing to do is to check if you have the folder path given above, and if the userData.json file exists. Since the folder path is hidden, you will not be able to access it using the normal navigation method. So, in order to access it, do the following:

1. Click on the Go menu on the menu bar.
2. Select "Go to Folder..."

3. Type in "~/Library/Preferences/Corel/Toast/18.0"and click Go.

4. If you get a message stating “The folder can’t be found”, that means the folder path does not exist. And, yes, the “userData.json” file does not exist in this case.

Note: In some cases, although the folder path does not exist, it will still open the Preferences folder, since this is the last folder in the directory path that does exist; and /Library and /Preferences are both system folders.

5. If the Preferences folder did not open, type in"~/Library/Preferences" (without the quotes) instead and click Go.

6. Under Preferences, you will be creating the sub-folder path /Corel/Toast/18.0. Proceed to the next section.

Force-create the userData.json File
Now, in most cases where error code 1011 is the problem, a "Corel" folder path will be non-existent. In some cases, there may be a Corel folder, but the sub-folders under it will be different; for instance, you will see a “Messages” folder instead. In either case, the "userData.json" file will be absent.

As you may have assumed, the reason the JSON file does not exist is because the required folder that should hold it does not exist. What needs to be done, then, is to force the Toast 18 installer to create the userData.json file by manually creating the path: ~/Library/Preferences/Corel/Toast/18.0.

Manually create the Corel folder path:

1. So, under the Preferences folder, press Shift+Command+N to create a new folder;
2. Rename the new folder to "Corel";
3. Under Corel, create a "Toast" sub-folder using the same method;
4. Finally, under Toast, create the sub-folder called "18.0"
5. Run the Toast18.dmg (or Toast_18.dmg, or Toast18ESD.dmg) installer stub.

The final step above will allow you to go through the Toast 18 registration process once again, which is what is needed to create the "userData.json" file. Once the installation is complete, you should now find a userData.json file in the /18.0 sub-folder. The information inside the file is encrypted, so you will not see any useful information when you open it with TextEdit.

It is important to note that if you have any antivirus software installed on your Mac, you will need to disable it's real-time protection so it doesn't interfere with the installation." 

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You are the man !!!  😀

Thank you very much, you truly are the Digital Master!  

I followed your post and it worked like a charm. I already spent and lost many unproductive hours following Corel CS suggestions trying to make it work.

Makes you wonder how they internally manage their procedures...

Best regards,



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  • 2 months later...

I can only suggest to redo the whole procedure and to make sure ALL Roxio (former owners of Toast) and Corel traces in the Preferences  and other libraries are completely removed.

Don't forget to switch off the anti-virus protection and to reboot after the cleanup. You can eventually do a system check report with EtreCheck.


Good luck!

PS. It took me at least 7 times to go through these procedures before I was successful. None of the Roxio support solutions really helped, only after following Tbrewst advice it worked, but I DID do the Roxio procedures before, so maybe success was also due to the mixture of both...


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I got the same message, when I wanted to use my registered Toast 18 Pro on my second Mac Pro (with a SSD-Clone).  Removing the file mentioned above did not help. The path was there. Reinstalling, restarting several times, removing everything from Corel on the system did not help either. What a nightmare. I am now burning images just with MacOS, which might be the better solution anyway. Just changing the license quickly from on Mac to the other? NO CHANCE

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