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"Popping" noise in audio playback

Jim B


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4 hours ago, Jim B said:

I have several audio files recorded at two high a volume. Consequently, when I play them back, loud voices and noises are accompanied with a popping sound.

Is there any way, using audio editor to eliminate or decrease these sounds?

Jim Birke


Think about it - how do you remove the pop without the audio being affected?  You might try to split and remove the pop -- but the audio at the same time will go with it ! 

A lot of audio programs have been killed for just this same reason.   Try searching for one since the audio programs in the Roxio product won't do it.   In the past I used "Gold Wave" but I don't know if it will help you.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I was thinking, (not my strong suit), if one were able to view the waveform in an audio editor, the pops should show up as a sharp spike on it. And, if it were possible to cut that spike off of the waveform, that might work. The files I am working with are mostly spoken words from audiobooks and the pops, occur immediately after the word when  it is spoken loudly or shouted. If the short portion containing the pop could be cut out, the word still would be understandable.The Pops do not occur very often and, with a little patience, I think I could fix the files up.


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