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runtime error R6016 when using MyDVD and burning DVD

Mike Melluish


I have NXT Pro 7.  Created a photo/video/music production in videowave and then output a file.  Opened MyDVD, didn't have the option for advanced mode, only magic mode and couldn't select Blu-ray, although I have a Blu-ray burner. Any suggestions on why I wouldn't see these options?  However, main problem was having edited and tried to burn, t almost completed and then came up with runtime error R6016 not enough space for thread data.  I have subsequently updated my windows 10 to latest version and run repair software function for NXT Pro 7 but it still does it.  Not sure what steps to try next.

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Thanks, partly sorted but frustratingly still not there.  I hadn't bought the Blu-ray plugin but I have now.  I installed it but I still didn't have the Blu-ray option available to me on the MyDVD element of the software. only other 2.  The Videowave file was over 7Gb so it needed a Blu-ray disc although the MyDVD software was suggesting I had space on a standard DVD so I didn't initially realise disc too small.  I have spent hours on chat to their support desk this afternoon and uninstalled and reinstalled the plug in and whilst I can see it in the program files, it just doesn't seem to associate itself with the program.  Their last suggestion was to go into help menu in software, select restore purchase but that didn't recognise my email address so still no fix.  Given up for the day...too much time...losing the will to live!

Will continue tomorrow, any suggestions welcomed.  Thanks 

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