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Rendering / HD / Slow Motion





I have been rendering 2 different types of video, some D8 and some HD. I have put some parts of each into Slow Motion for a feature, when rendering the complete video the HD sections which are in Slo Mo are all jerky where as the D8 stuff is fine.


They both look fine in the preview is just the finished MPEG/2 that is jerky in the HD sections.


I am rendering for DVD MPEG/2 Best quality and have tried it at other qualities, should I be trying a different output?


Need a reply today if possible as I have to burn the production and pass it on to the customer today.


Thanks in advance




Ok I have tried outputting in different formats and the HD slo mo is fine in every other format just MPEG/2 it jerks about?????? unfortunately all the other output options are not good enough quality for the DVD. Any idea why it does this?

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