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Larry McCarthy


I am having difficulty utilizing the AVCHD in other projects. The AVCHD works fine in my military history project, but not in the McCarthy Family History projects (I have 2 of them). For whatever reason the AVCHD is NOT available in the drop down menu when I select the McCarthy Family History projects.  The best I've been able to produce is the second attachment. 

Properties of your source files: they are jpeg photos reduced in size via PowerPoint.

I am using NXT7 Pro and the Blu-ray plugin.

Output format is to file.

I use the "both" settings as opposed to NTSC or PAL.

I have been in contact with COREL Support. I have reloaded the NXT7 Pro and the Blu-ray plugin.

Larry McCarthy
LTC, USA, Ret.


AVC (H.264).jpg

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When you started your McCarthy Family project, did you select the widescreen format?  If not, you won't have any HD options for the output format.  HD options only show up when your project is started with the widescreen option.

In answer to your likely next question, no, you can't "convert it" to a widescreen project.  You have to start from scratch.  

Hope that helps!


Dave D-W

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