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Trying to Burn Disc Image to DVD-"Nothing To Record" ?


I have Toast 11 and a Mac running High Sierra. 

I want burn a .toast disc image to DVD. It shows up on my desktop thus1795917215_ScreenShot2020-05-11at13_04_56.png.83ddafcba4f734cbb78025232a131d3d.png 

It also appears in my files at 4.36 GB706305537_ScreenShot2020-05-11at14_54_10.png.1b7ad3dacf28a1c479a4761b44bf87be.png

When I drag it into Toast it tells me NOTHING TO RECORD ??767116740_ScreenShot2020-05-11at14_55_01.thumb.png.93296a3c5d27cb9bafdd0332d44970a1.png


ANYBODY FIGURE THAT ONE OUT PLEASE?  I can view it in DVD player, I can play it through and if I explore the folders  it shows it has all the contents I know it has, but burning it to DVD via this tried and tested route suddenly does not work. IDEAS ?1786662353_ScreenShot2020-05-11at14_54_31.png.682deb0bc4cb6c814653217ba3d340ee.png


Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 14.54.31.png

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My solution was to burn this image using the Mac's BURN software ! Right click on the Disc Image icon and choose the option "Burn to disc"-so I used Toast to create it but Burn to burn it....

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