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picture and sound out of sync

Julia H

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I filmed using photo booth and imported files into iMovie. I created the movie and then shared it to file, this gives me an mp4 file. I have taken this file into Toast 18 pro and burnt a DVD-video on to a Verbatim DVD-R disc. This disc plays fine on my MAC but when i put it into the DVD player it plays but the picture and sound are slightly our of sync and it has a slight hiccup every so often. How can I solve this? (I have tried the disc in two different DVD players and its still the same.) I also have tried burning the disc in the two different formats and it makes no difference. It should be PAL that works as I am in the UK.

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Not sure if I know the answer but:-

1. If the original file played smoothly (I mention this because I have found PhotoBooth freezes so I now use Quick Time Player to film anything), maybe something went wrong in the conversion process in iMovie?

2. Why not convert directly in Toast or some other application then burn that to DVD ?

Lately I have used "Burn" the free app that comes on a Mac. Drag the .mov file in and it quickly says "incompatible etc etc....convert ? etc" it speedily turns it to an mpeg which burns quickly in the usual way in Toast, or in Burn itself onto DVD.

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