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NXT6 Videowave Production - no sound



I have used Videolan / VLC to convert Quicktime videos into MP4 videos to include them in a production with other MP4 videos but then there is the video but no sound.  When I individually play them using Windows Media Player etc.there is sound ! Any suggestions please ?

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I think I know where you've tripped on this - you've converted your Quicktime videos with the old MPEG audio instead of MPEG 4 audio.  If that's the problem, the fix is fairly simple but you will need to adjust VLC player and convert again.   Please try this:

-Run VLC player and start to set up convert

-After selecting the standard video profile as shown, click the spanner icon to edit the profile


-click the Audio Codec tab and then the Codec pulldown to change from MPEG Audio to MPEG 4 Audio ( AAC ) as shown. Then Save this change.


Now you can go back to the Convert screen and carry on converting your Quicktime videos and VideoWave should like them.  

Please let me know if this works for you.


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