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Win10 - Roxio Capture has no Preview Screen


I have 2 Roxio products: Creator 2011 Pro and Creator Pro NXT3 on my Win10 machine.

Both previously had a Preview Screen when Ready to Capture, but now there is just an empty spot where the Preview Screen was.

I can still capture OK, but only hear the sound. Capture and Playback are OK but no Preview Screen any more.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Ted   Springfield, MA


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Update: I tried "Capture' on my other Win10 machine and got a Preview Screen, not just an empty space. So using the same programs (Creator10 and NXT3) on 2 Win10 machines has different results: Preview Screen and No Preview Screen. ???

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I have the same problem with the Roxio Media Imort function of Creator NXT 7 Pro.  I was using the preview screen for a dozen or so tapes that we had recorded over the years with no problem.  One day, I imported another tape from my Sony digital video camera and the preview screen was missing.  I see no way to get it back.  If anyone has any ideas, I would welcome them.  I use this a lot!

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You mentioned in another thread that when you reinstalled the PX engine in EMC 10, the preview screen reappeared on that system.   Creator 2011 and the Creator NXT series all use the PX Engine.  Have you tried reinstalling the PX Engine in your Windows 10?


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Thank you for the above reply.

The Preview screen was there after the fix but it was not a "Re-Appear" as I don't know if it was missing before the fix.

I was checking if EMC10 had a Preview Screen when the app would not let EMC10 start because the drives were not available.

As for trying the Fix on my Win10 machine, I hesitate because I have 2 Roxio Apps there and I don't know which one(s) it would affect. I may yet try it.

My XP machine (EMC10) has 2 DVD drives that can play Music CDs but cannot play a DVD Movie. Device Manager says they both have the best available drivers and are Enabled.

The DVDs show the Movie title and using "Open" shows the Movie files but they won't play with VLC; an error occurs.

Anywho, that's life with computers. I've been doing PCs for 40 years (70s), starting with Sinclair, Commodore, TI and then IBM type. I've seen a lot of problems.




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