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Xbox One No Signal, No Display.

Ben Goldsmith


I'm trying to set up the 2 Roxio Game Capture Devices that I plan on using to do a recording session for my gaming channel and I keep getting issues where I get a No Signal response and my Xbox won't even show up on my TV or my computer. 

I've done a lot to attempt to fix it already from switching out HDMI Cords, reinstalling or repairing the software, Temporarily disabling my antivirus software, attempting to change my quality and video bitrate and dozens of other troubleshooting techniques through Youtube and other sources to no prevail.

PS: I've also got an error pop up when I'd attempt to repair my Roxio Software.

Photos of my attempts below.


Roxio 1.JPG

Roxio 2.JPG

Roxio 3.JPG

Roxio 4.JPG

Roxio 5.JPG

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It wasn't that I had them both connected to the same TV it was that I tested and switched out both and they keep giving me this no signal issue and I've already tried nearly every troubleshooting issues I've seen on similar issues on this forum and online and nothing is working. Honestly, If I don't fix this soon I might just request a refund and get a different Game Capture.

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The "Red No Signal" means that your Capture Card is not getting a valid signal from you Xbox.

As a quick test, do you have anything else around with an HDMI signal output (DVD player). You can use that to prove the RGC is ok or not.

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