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Burnt by Toast

Blu Moon

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In spite of all the negative reviews, I bought Toast 18 Pro to use on my iMac. I had a previous version, Toast Titanium 12 which worked flawlessly on the same iMac until the Catalina upgrade. Well I have not been able to get this new Toast to work. When I initially installed it, it launched but as soon as I clicked on th “Video” tab in the program, it crashed and would not launch afterward. Instead when I tried to launch the program I got a window with an impossibly long code. I was advised to disconnect all devices from my Mac except the keyboard and mouse and try again. I restored my Mac from a Time Machine Backup prior to the Toast installation and tried again. Nope! Same exact problem! Clicking on the functions of the program, everything seemed to be responding until I clicked on the “Video” tab! Same issue of a big window of error codes and programs will not launch. At this point I have no faith in the downloaded program’s integrity. I did pay a little extra for the backup disc but it has not arrived yet and I have no idea when it will. I have ran the Restore from Time Machine backup feature again to remove all trace of the program. I have not had a single issue with any other program I’ve installed on this Mac and I have certainly not needed to disconnect anything or uninstall anything to get any other program to work. I’d be interested in learning how anyone else has been able to use this software successfully. All I want to use it for is Blu-ray burning and copying my original content. I should note that I do have a Blu Ray Player program installed. Do I need to remove that?

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