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EMC10 Says Drives Are Disabled



My EMC10 Suite now reports "All your drives are set to disabled" and doesn't continue loading the main program.

Iv'e not  added or changed anything for over 2 years

All my drives are enabled and accessible. Any ideas for this?

Thank you


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EMC10 uses a system that Roxio called the PX Engine to recognize and link with your optical drive(s).  I think yours may have been broken by something.

Please read this topic.   Start at the 6th message on that thread, written by Guru cdanteek, and follow his instructions precisely.   His message contains a zipped PXEngine installer, and instructions on how to run that installer with the "/pxhelponvista" parameter.  (Even if you're not running in Vista)

Using this to reinstall your PX Engine should fix your problem.   It has helped a large number of users.

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This worked for me today on my XP Media machine with Roxio Media Creator 10.

I was then able to verify that "Capture Video" had a preview screen, unlike another post of mine that still does not..

Sorry it took so long to get to do it.

Thank you,

Ted  Springfield, MA  7-31-2020


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