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Problems Already - Toast 18 Pro

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I just purchased Toast Pro 18 and installed it on my 2016 MacBoook Pro. Already having issues;

1) I'm trying to drag and drop and .aiff audio file (song) into the Toast main window from an iTunes library. As soon as I drop it in the window, Toast crashes. Tried several times...... no luck. I then dragged a music file from iTunes to my desktop and dragged it into the Toast window without an issue. I do have Audio and CD serlected in the Main window

2) I purchased Toast 18 Pro........ I don't see anything stating Toast 18 Pro in the Toast folder (see below). In fact, the folder is named Toast 18 Titanium. I'm just assuming this is Toast 18 Pro?

If any one can give me some direction into dragging from iTune it woud be sincerely appreciated. Thank you. Ray


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