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CD Text Not Showing

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I'm burning some CD-R's using the "Add CD Text" option. All my tracks are showing up with CD Text with the exception my last track 18. If I burn disc's with 17 tracks, they all show CD Text. I've tried different tracks and received the same results. I had 80mb unused on one burn of 18 tracks and another with 125.9mb left (below). It's not my CD/DVD read/writer or CD decks on my Numark MixDeck Quad I use for DJing. I know this because I've used other burning software with 20+ tracks which all show up with CD text. Anyone having this same issue?   


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Just burned another disc with 25 tracks........ 24 showed CD Text. 25th track "no text" Definately in the Toast 18 Pro software.

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