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Disk Image Again!


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100% fresh install of Catalina OSX 10.15.6 and Toast 17.

There were no remnant files from a previous version of Toast. 

Toast 17 will not mount any of my .Sd2f files. I think I've tried every thing possible. 
I have no confidence that IF I were to upgrade to Toast 18, it will magically mount disk images. 

Anyone have any tips, help, etc? I'm kind of up a creek if I can't mount these diskimages.



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Is there any new info on this? Mounting cd disc images is important to what I do. I installed Toast 17 on a brand new M1 mini because I read that Toast has been M1 compatible since v17 which I own. The installation went without problems except for a quick note during the process that some Corel something or other needed to be updated. On the M1 Toast can read sd2f files, it can write sd2f files, but try to mount one and nothing happens. I just sits there. I see from the Toast 19 discussion that the problem is still going on there too. Is this just a lost cause? Is there a workaround, some way for Toast to write a different kind of cd image that maybe WILL mount on an M1 Mac? 

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@david gideon I was told by support that I would have to upgrade to 19 in order to use Catalina and Toast to mount disk images that I had created in 17 (and earlier). So, I paid for the upgrade, followed the instructions for completely removing 17, then installed 19. I still was unable to mount my disk images. I decided to get a new SSD drive and installed a clean system (Catalina). Then installed Toast 19 on my new, clean SSD system. STILL I was unable to mount my disk images. After many failed attempts to solve this issue with Toast tech support, I realized that I was in a circular, run around and that Roxio support did not have a clue as to what to do. First, I was told that my problem was to be elevated to "Level 2" customer support and that I would receive a call within 24-48 hours. This never happened. After making many attempts to connect with any Roxio support person that knew more than I seem to, I realized there was nowhere else to turn. The disk mounting problem has existed for many versions now and knowledge of it is all over the internet. Roxio seems to have no clue how to resolve it. In the end, I requested a refund, which also was not easy to obtain. 

Note: I am on a Mac. I now use Burn for most all the functions that I previously used Toast for. Creating and mounting disks as well as burning. 

Good luck. Please post any resolutions you find here.



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