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installation issues - error code 1011 one of many problems



OK bought NXT Pro7 over a year ago and have YET to get it installed correctly and able to USE. Have called Customer Service  100x's of times and get the usual "uninstall and reinstall" Have done so many times I know the people on the other end by name. Here's my question...

Error 1011. Easy fix. Call in - they reset it. Have installed/uninstalled/reinstalled too many times to mention. Have ALWAYS got the reply - "we've reset it for you". Just to be safe I wait a day and then do what they say and the error STILL comes up - no matter what I do.

Here's my dilemma. We've got files EXCLUSIVE to this program already on file (company files from various locations) and need to reformat them to something other than ANYTHING from Roxio or Corel so we can use them. Once that's done (IF it can be done), ROXIO is gone FOREVER. Not worth the 6 hrs it takes to install/uninstall/reinstall each time they tell us to do that and CERTAINLY there is MUCH BETTER software AND customer service elsewhere. 

Just to give you some history, we're an IT company that deals in software solutions just like we're dealing with in this program (Roxio Creator NXT Pro7). Installations were completed correctly with the correct S/n's, virus software off, all the things you have to do in order to get a CLEAN install. Registry cleaned, the whole bit. The computer we're using to do this is a i7 processor with a Quad-core and WAY too much RAM (trust me it's a FAST machine) but when we load Roxio Creator Pro7 it creeps like a snail. IT dept. is stumped (but they did notice a number of flaws in the .msi and .app files but that's probably due to the updates in Windows 10)

What I want to do is when they inform me that it's been reset AGAIN, I want to know the CORRECT process of what to do, note by note, line by line. Do you uninstall and do over like they say, do you repair or modify - what exactly MUST YOU DO after a reset from error 1011. 

Has anybody gotten NXT Pro 7 to work CORRECTLY and consistently, day after day? What did you do to install? Was it downloaded digitally or did you have the physical disks? How did You install it? What process did you use? BE SPECIFIC as possible. 

Wow - I know this is a LOT to ask but after waiting for over a year for something we bought a LOT of units of and each one having issues, we dumped it FAST. HAD TO - WAAAAAAAAAAY too many issues. BUT we have one last computer that is our only hope of getting back files we MUST have ASAP. 

If ANYONE can help, We've appreciate it!!! ANY HELP would be great because obviously even Pro's miss things. 

(and FYI YES we have sent them installation logs and the whole gamut of pictures of desktop screen shots - EVERYTHING they've asked for - NOT ONE RESPONSE for over a YEAR)



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IT in another country found THE answer. NOT an easy fix (took some REAL creativity on the Programming Dept), BUT got the #$^@ thing to work just as long to open files again. Files converted via patch process. Dumped everything Roxio/Corel and now files are opened in another MUCH MORE STABLE format and computer is BACK to being the machine we bought.

NEVER again Roxio - the Love didn't last.

Please don't call or text me. Let's just part ways and call it "even Stephen"...

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