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Videowave Screen Ratio



I know this is a silly question, but here goes. When starting a new production in Videowave does the option of 4:3 or 16:9 refer to the ratio of the imported video or to the monitor on which it is being shown? I believe my DVD player stretches 4:3 to widescreen, so I'm assuming it refers to the imported video.





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For VHS 4:3, you can create a 4:3 project and burn at 4:3. That will play back correctly on 16:9 TV.


Interlace Vs Progressive shoudn't matter much either. Most DVD Players will have composite output (interlaced) and component (RGB progressive) outputs. However there is a choice in MyDVD to burn a progessive DVD. I've neer used it. Wouldn't hurt to try it out to see if hte picture quality is better.

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No, it refers to the OUTPUT. Videowave and MyDVD create true anamorphoric 16:9 - meaning the 'black bars' is not encoded into the file. So it would be up to the DVD player to add the 'letterbox'.


Something that Videowave can do that I have NOT seen in any other video editor is the ability to add ANY aspect ratio to a project.. For example if the Videowave project is 4:3, you can drop a 16:9 file in the project. Videowave will automatically letterbox it. In this case the 'black bars' WILL BE encoded. This allows 4:3 and 16:9 to be within the same video.


Conversely if you have a 16:9 videowave project and add a 4:3 file, then the black bars are added to the sides to make it 16:9.


When creating a MyDVD project, it doesn't matter what the MENU is - 4:3 or 16:9. The video should always display correctly. If the Menu is 16:9 and you add a 4:3 movie, that should work just fine. Also in reverse.

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