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EMC won't burn my DVD



I have spent the last few months working on my wedding video/slideshow. Now that the project is finally completed (after many, many problems with EMC), I can't get it to burn to DVD. When I click "burn to disc", I get an error message that says "The estimated size of the ISO image or file-set exceeds the available hard disk space, if you continue, cotent may be truncated. Are you sure?" However, my project is 4653.8 Mb and the available disc space is 4700.4 Mb. If I do try to continue, it just tells me that the destination drive does not have enough space, and it won't do anything else. When I view my project, it says that there is 46.2 MB of free space and 39 seconds before the disc space will be full. It doesn't make since to me why it's not letting me burn the DVD. Please help!!

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What might be the thing to do is instead of burning to a disc directly,burn it to an .iso file first.Once you have the .iso file then use Disc Copier to burn it to the DVD.When the burn box opens uncheck your drives and check "burn to file"

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