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Output file crashes CONTINUALLY regardless of format



I am using Roxio Creator Nxt Pro 7 on an HP Spectra with an SSD and windows 10.  

I have been working on a video for 3 days straight night and day to meet a deadline.  I can play it fine using the dmsn file, but when I try to output it to any format it crashes (run time error at just over 2into the output process.  I have rearranged photos and videos in the file, but the stopping time is the same.  The dmsn file contains both jpg pics, and videos (I have tried converting the videos to various formats-started with mov but have tried .mpg and mp4).  The audio track is .mp3 and I did use audio ducking.  The total time of the first segment I created is only 11 minutes   I have had  to continuely clear cache and re-create the dat file after most crashes on the file that added the background video on.

 - I  did a repair on the installation to make sure the registry files were correct. 

 - I split the file into 2 parts to make it easier to work with.  I have not yet added audio to the 2nd dsmn file and it is also crashing 3 minutes into the output.  

There is clearly a problem with the output software  My computer is more than capable of handing.  I have checked Task Manger and am not maximizing any limits.   I used Nxt Pro 6 frequently before upgrading, and loved the ease and simplicity in creating videos..  The Roxio software has been a disaster form me since I upgraded to NxtPro 7!!!!!!!   If you are still using NxtPro 6 I highly suggest NOT upgrading.


 I hate trying to learn a different product at this point, but I need to get this video created and I am extremely frustrated after all the work I have put into it arranging videos, photos and adding panning, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Can someone PLEASE HELP!

I though I had possibly figured out.  I backed up a couple of older dmsn files that had audio track with videos that also had audio.  I had not previously used auidio ducking on these files.  They exported fine.  After I did the audio ducking they crasked after 2-3 minutes.  THEN under TOOLS/OPTIONS, i unchecked ":Enable Intel Enhanced for Core...... and did the output again with success, so I went back to my current file, ran with the same options - BUT FAILURE AGAIN!!!???   I cannot figure what is different in that file.  Even when I had to change one of the folder names, I used the wizard and tried to point to the new folder name and that did not work.  So I clicked on each file to "CONNECT" and that did not work.  I had to DELETE each panel and re-add Photo/Video.  It seems something in the file is corrupted.  I hate to rebuild 3 days of work and then still not have it work again?!?!?!?

I changed from Software to HARDWARE rendering and it finally worked - TOOK FOREVER THOUGH!

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A possible fix
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