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Removing a couple of minutes from a video



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1 hour ago, georgegrimes@tx.rr.com said:

I have two places in a video that I would like to delete 2-3 minutes that contribute nothing to my home made videos that I am transferring to blu-ray.

How do I accomplish this?  I can trim the beginning or trim the end, but I don't know how to remove a section in the middle.

This is one of the basic editing steps. On the timeline, simply position the cursor at the beginning of the segment you want to remove and click on the "split" icon (just to the right of the Trim icon). Then move the cursor to the end of the segment to be deleted and again click the Split icon. Then simple delete the segment between the splits.

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...And if you like to use the "trim" option, you put your video segment in, trim it to end at the start of the part you want to delete.  Then add the same segment of video in the next panel, and trim it so that it starts at the end of the part you want to delete.  It does the same thing bimicher suggested, only using the trim tool.

And since you said you have two of these segments, you'll probably want to trim the end of the second panel so that it ends at the beginning of the second part you want to delete.  Then add your video into a third frame, and trim it to start at the end of the second segment you're deleting.

Hope that helps!

Dave D-W

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