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Long audio hangs in 2012 Sound Editor


Although, it appears a common complaint to not got beyond 2012 due to subsequent versions not being as nice which I agree but every time I use the Sound Editor in 2012, it hangs at the every end if I try to export and/or add tracks to a long recorded audio once it is done. Now I downloaded Audacity and this program is solid and will easily export any audio recording to mp3 no matter how long. I even left it on all night long with a 10 hour audio recording and it easily exported to mp3, as well as adding more tracks, even much faster than Sound Editor but I really like the Sound Editor interface which is easy to use. I find Audacity confusing and the interface not as nice. I wish that Roxio would get the message that many of us prefer 2012 because you don't have to load the whole program to use a specific program. I don't know why they think is a good idea. It would be like MS Office opening all its programs, in order to use word, or Excel,for example. Unless the latest program has improved but I hear it hasn't. I would update in a minute, providing it works better, overall. Anyway, unless someone has a solution to my problem, short of recording small shorter audio recordings, I will have to just use Audacity or some other sound program that is a little easier to use than Audacity. Thanks for reading this. I also want to add that I have a Self-built 3rd gen i7 with 8 ram and a GTX 670, as well as a Dell XPS 8500 with similar properties and both using 500 gb SSD drives.

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adding what type of Computer I have

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I always liked GoldWave for audio and VideoMeld for video plus audio in more complex situations.   They are not simple to use but there are a lot of shortcut tools..  They will will give you lots of options to work with if you need them.  . I have never used Audacity so I don't have any knowledge about comparing Audacity Vs GoldWave. I have never used VideoMeld except for short videos.

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