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Toast 19 Pro Blu-ray Authorization Issue - Found a temporary solution


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I figured out what the problem is and hope Roxio looks at this post.  

I will send in the solution to support and hopefully they will take a look to send out an update.  After much trouble shooting (they should pay me) and staying up until 2am (I need this to work) the issue is with the actual wi-fi activation.  I was able to enable blu-ray authorization by tottering the wi-fi off and on while you activate the blu-ray activation selection.

1.  First have your wi-fi on.

2.  Then open up Toast 19 Pro

3. Select the Blu-ray Activation in the Help Menu

4. Turn off your wi-fi.

5.  Then try to activate

6.  Message says that you do not have your wi-fi on, do you want to try again.

7. turn on your wi-fi

8.  Then try activating it again and hit "ok" - BUT immediately turn off and on your wi-fi while it is trying to activate. - You may have to do something like this a few times to get it to activate.

Then it will activate eventually.  You may have to do this a few times.  I did this method on two Macs (Mac Pro 2013 and 15" MacBook Pro 2018) and it worked.

Corel/Roxio:  Please find a solution, talk to Apple if you have too.  And give us an update with a patch!!!

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