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Toast 19 Pro - NO RE-ENCODE Bluray Video

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Hello Forum,

I have a question regarding using Toast 19 Pro. Unfortunately, I already had major problems activating Bluray authoring. Now I have the next question and I need help with it.

Briefly to the situation: So far I have used Adobe Encore to burn a Blurays. Unfortunately Adobe is no longer developing this and I need an alternative.

So far I have exported my films with Premiere Pro as h264 Bluray with 25/30 MB bit rate. I then loaded the files directly into Encore and outputted them directly as Bluray WITHOUT RECODING.


So I need a program which burns my videos as Bluray WITHOUT recoding or authoring with a simple menu.

Now I came across Toast and the colleague in the chat (before buying) had confirmed that this works.


Unfortunately, when I try to create a BD, I cannot find any way to import my files (m4v and wav) in the program. Furthermore, I have not found a way to adjust the settings so that my video material is NOT re-encoded. The 25/30 MB bit rate should also be retained.


Where can I find the settings? What exactly do I have to store in which menu? Which files can I import? Should I use TSMuxer to edit the file before importing it? It is important that the files are NOT re-encoded.

If this function is not available, I will claim my money back, otherwise I will not be able to use the program.


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