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Inaccurate file sizes??

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So I’m trying to burn a Dual Layer Blu-ray using Toast 17. The disc is a blank 50GB disc, and according to Toast it’s maximum occupancy is 46.66 GB. But here’s my problem: I fill out that much space and create a disc image of it (which takes literally a full day) only to find the resulting disc image file is now 51.9 GB and won’t fit on the disc.

Seems like simple math to solve, but here’s the catch: when I start deleting files from the Toast display the file size changes, eventually going UP despite my removing videos.

Why is Toast presenting inaccurate file information, and how do I fix it? I just need concrete, true numbers so I know what I can fit. I really don’t feel like burning out my computer letting it encode overnight only to have Toast give me this problem.


Thanks in advance.

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