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Toast Titanium 18 burning problems in Mac OSX Big Sur

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I tried burning a DVD-R the day after having upgraded to the new Mac operating system Big Sur, and after 1%-2% I would get a message saying "Interface Error 4: The Connection Is Not Stable" and the burn would fail.  This didn't happen before while it was Catalina.

Has anyone had this problem with Toast Titanium 18 since upgrading to Big Sur?  I've already wasted 4 DVD-R blanks and I don't want to go any further until I know how to get this fixed.

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I've got the same problem.  I tried it with 2 burners and get the same error.

I tried to install it on my macbook to try it there, but my download license expired in July.  Can I download a trial somewhere and use my license to bring it up to Titanium?




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