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Burn simple data files in Toast 19? Enhanced Audio?

Kurt L

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So, my Mac Pro 5,1 is on Mojave (last supported OS for this hardware). I had been running Toast 15 successfully up until recently; some OS update apparently killed a library that Toast 15 needed, and it would no longer start up.  So, I purchased Toast 19, figuring it was about time to upgrade anyway.  Regarding the new interface: does anyone know how to do the most simple of tasks, namely drag files into a window, and have Toast 19 burn that as a data CD?  The reason that I ask is because what I'm really interested in is creating an Enhanced Audio CD.  In Toast 15 and Toast 11, you could put data files like scans of a record jacket in the Data burn section, then switch to the Audio tab, drag tracks into the Audio window; when you clicked on Burn it would create a multi-session CD, with a Red Book Audio compatible audio session with tracks on it, and a separate session that would mount as a separate volume with the data scans when you inserted it into a computer.

Toast 19 has at least heard of Enhanced Audio, since you can see it as a menu selection under Burn > Burn Audio > Audio CD.  See the screenshot showing Enhanced Audio selected as an option.  I just can't figure out where to put the data files, which in my case are scans of the LP album covers that I'm digitizing.  A search of for the phrase "Enhanced Audio" in Toast Help returns nothing, either locally or on the Roxio/Corel web site.

If I could find a place in the interface for burning simple data files, I would assume that it works like my prior versions of Toast: just set up a Data CD first, then the Audio CD, and when you select enhanced Audio it will do both.

Thanks for any advice you may have.


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OK, so it turns out that there is a way to burn simple Data CDs, but it is not turned on by default.  You have to go into Preferences and select "Show legacy formats and settings" to get an option to burn a simple data CD (the preference change will expand the Burn page with a bunch of burn formats).  And once you do that, it works just like it used to as far as Enhanced Audio CDs are concerned: first load up the documents or pictures into the Data window, and then load your audio tracks into the Burn Audio window (which has a bug, apparently: it is labeled Burn Video), and then burn both sessions by starting the audio burn.

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 6.17.38 PM.png

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