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Why did ROXIO ruin a good interface?

Matt Caz

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Sometimes change is NOT for the better.  Many of us have been using TOAST for many years and the interface is what we're used to. Now you dumb it down to make it look like NERO or MyDVD and as far as I'm concerned you made a giant step backward.  Even if you click on the "Use Classic" button, it's not really like the old interface, it's a hybrid of some sort.

Toast 19 is NOT ready for prime time and it certainly isn't ready for anyone to spend their hard earned money on the upgrade!

I sincerely hope COREL/ROXIO can put out a bug update and give us something that's usable.

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For upgrade revenue. 

The biggest critique of Toast 18 was that it looked and performed basically the exact same way that Toast 17 did. MacWorld said it "[Lacked] any compelling reason to upgrade [from Toast 17]".

Now they've put lipstick on a pig and called it Toast 19.

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The new interface is terrible, but indicative of modern UX. Tons of wasted space with less descriptive text.

I feel the pain of tools like Toast that basically are unchanging but need to generate ongoing revenue. There is real pressure to do "something" even if it's not a good something. 

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