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Roxio Genie Not Installed



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Hmmm, not good Pat.     On that particular menu page you are missing the two label creators, BackOnTrack, and the Roxio Genie.

Here are the other 4 pages, and what you should see on them.  The options with little clockwise arrows arrow.jpg.60365f7728153c4893ec09c0002d3cba.jpg are separate programs, while the others are part of the main menu program.  There's probably no need to tell us all the bits you're missing, but comparing yours with mine will give you an idea how messed-up your install is.



Regardless of how many more modules you're missing, it does appear that you have a badly broken install.   If you were having problems before (" I finally got Roxio Creator NXT 7 installed ") then you certainly haven't got them fixed yet, and they're bigger than just Roxio Genie.  :(

What problems were you having with the install, and how did you try to fix them?



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I had so many errors while trying to install Creator that I don't remember them all.  I think it mostly said the Creator Could Not Be Installed.  I did delete everything Roxio using the registry, searching on Explorer, and everything I could find.  When I tried to reinstall the program all I got was a screen giving me the options to modify, repair or uninstall.  I tried all three to no avail.

Anyway, my screens don't look like yours.  I tried reinstalling the entire program but got a message that the serial number for Aftershot was invalid, even though it is the one on the disk envelope and also on the Corel website.






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