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4 minutes ago, martigen said:

Hi, i'm new here, just purchased Toast 19 Pro, i'm coming from Encore, and i need to create a Blu-ray disc, i have the following questions:

1. On Blu-ray can you add an intro video?

2. Does it support 5.1 Dolby Digital?

3. Can you make menus over the playing video like on Encore?


1-You can add a separate video, make it the first one in the list and select autoplay on insert and it will play. There is no real Intro video feature

2- yes it does support 5.1 AC-3 Dolby Digital as far as I know.. I know for sure that Toast 18 does.

3- No video backgrounds like you could on Encore or iDVD. playing behind the menus.

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2 minutes ago, martigen said:

how about animated menus? and thanks for replying

Nope! This is why I wish Apple had rewritten iDVD for blurays and 5.1.  Toast will let you add movies, add basic static menus and burn discs.

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So I installed toast 19 in Big Sur 11.1 and it wouldn't start. I had toast 18 installed.  Used Clean my Mac to remove all remnants of 18 and then rebooted and installed Toast 19 and it starts up just fine but I hate the new interface and it doesn't seem like there's any way to have it default to the old interface.

Also, before doing this I went into Libary/Application Support/Roxit/ menus and copied the folder with my custom menus to a new drive.  AFter installing I copied the menu's I modified into the new Toast 19 menus folder and wrote over the Toast 19 menus with the same name and they work just fine.

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