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Passing on my previous Roxio DVD


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14 minutes ago, Charlest30 said:

I have upgraded to Roxio Pro8 from Pro7. Can I now pass the Roxio 7 DVD to someone else to install  and register on their computer and in their name, or must I first de-register Roxio 7 myself somehow?

Sorry , the EULA  prohibits you from selling your old software to anyone else.   (Note: it takes a lot of electrons  to download the hard work of probably a lot of lawyers).  Since you can't sell it there is no need to deregister it.  

Past experience has shown that some of the new things are not as good as the old things so it is better to have both on your computer for awhile.  

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Forgive me interrupting, but I would suggest that it's better to remove NXT7 before you install NXT8.    

The new version will remove parts of the old, but it seems very easy for the software to get tangled.   Our friend MalateKid had problems installing 8 over the top of 7, and it took some work for him to sort the snarl-up. 

If the versions are close together, "There be Dragons!!"   Uninstall the old first.

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Thank you Brendon, a very useful piece of advice indeed, and kind of you intervene. 

I have learnt from bitter experience over the years to always uninstall earlier versions of programmes (via Control Panel) before installing the new. I make sure to tell family members, friends etc. to do the same, rather than merely deleting the programme files via File Explorer.

I do not usually participate in forums, but I am a long-time user of PCs, and earlier computer systems (my first was a Commodore 64 around 1982) and am now in my late 70s. Nonetheless, it is refreshing to know that there are experienced people out there imparting their knowledge and experience. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

Incidentally, my NXTPro8 is working fine.

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