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Installatie NXT 8 failed, bluescreen

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NXT 7  became unstable . Couldn't select media files anymore. The program wouldn't open even the older files. Frooze on the media selector. Did everything I could find  on this board to solve that problem. Also a repair of NXT 7 didn't work for me. So presuming that it had something to do with W10 updates or??  I bought NXT 8 and that worked out to be a disaster decision. Last night during installing NXT 8 the program uninstalled the NXT 7 version and that ended after approx 60% in a blue screen W10 . Uninstalling NXT 8 and installing it again gave the same result. Apparently a conflict between W10 and NXT 8 ?? Don't know. Tried several times but after 2 times a system recoveries I am out of options. I don't dare to install NXT 8  again. 

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If you still show NXT7 as being installed,uninstall it first manually.Once you've done that,if you can,try installing NXT8 again.

Try using Revo on a moderate setting to uninstall NXT7.Use the freeware version

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