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Hi there !
i have a Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Plus and i use it to capture video from my old camera . total lenght is 95minutes  and i want to save it to my PC .
now that press export to proceed and save finally the video , i get all the time error message, "An unkonown error has occured . The application will shut down now "
i attach you print screen .
Does anyone have any idea why this happening and how can i solve this  ??


roxio error.jpg

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thanks for the reply Ogdens ! i appreciate !

problem is not in the soruce but in the Roxio system .. i have already imported the total video in Roxio , if you see the photo in the apper right says My Video (5) length 1:35:08 . Also i can watch all video from the preview of Roxio .
Problem is that can not proceed , i press next so to finalize the video and save it but gives this message again and again . Video somewhere is pre-saved because if i close the program and reopen is not lost , Roxio let me open it again to edit , but this is the only way to open it ...

in small length video it capture and save normal , for example 10 minutes ... but is it only for so small videos ???

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This may not be your problem, but one thing I noticed is an error when exporting a video to a fat32 drive (i.e. thumb drive) that is more than 4gb.  I ran into this trying to export a video from a VHS tape that was over an hour.  Exporting large videos to NTFS type drive was not an issue, I've created 16gb files successfully.

This applies to the Windows version, not sure how/if Macs are affected.

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