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Filling the RAM Cache... takes forever, most of the time

Kurt L

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Just something I noticed about Toast 19 under Mojave: the "DAO: Filling the RAM Cache" process is very slow, measured in minutes to get to 100%.  Formerly this used to take less than 10 seconds on Toast 15 under Mojave.  And just to keep me guessing, every once in a while I'll go to burn a disc in Toast 19 and the progress bar will again march quickly across the screen in 10 seconds. Go figure.

Edit: I burn enhanced audio CDs almost exclusively.  The audio portion is usually about 42 minutes, and the data portion is usually about 6MB. The slowness is in the first session, the audio one.

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Well, I seem to be always answering my own questions... I think that what is going on is that my production workflow varies slightly from time to time, and sometimes generates a file that is 192kHz sampling.  I think the slow processing is Toast 19 processing that down to 44.1 kHz.  On the times when I've managed to create a 44.1kHz file directly, that is probably when it doesn't spend much time filling the DAO cache.

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