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No Audio

Mr Dee


Hi all

(This is not the 'red box retail version) it's the full version bought from the main website)

After having an issue not being able to create a video DVD with audio I contacted Corel, I got a reply and did everything they suggested

Completely uninstalled it, Deleted  my windows temporary files, Deleted my temporary internet files, Cleared my Appdata, Renamed my Roxio folder to Roxio_old, Restarted my computer, Disabled my Antivirus, Disabled my Firewall, Re-Installed Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 directly from the website

Tried to burn a DVD, i selected my intro movie (WMV Format) I selected my menu background music (MP3 Format), I selected my movie (MOV Format, but have also tried MP4) played it within the program and all fine, burned the DVD all fine but have tried the DVD in 2 different devices and again there is still no sound at all in the  intro or the menu or the movie

Can anyone help ?


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9 minutes ago, Mr Dee said:

Hi, What is Videowave ?


It is what you need to prepare your various videos/images/audio files, etc to be properly written to a DVD,  What you have is pretty much a way of putting the files on a disc but it does not give you all the ability of playing the movie. 

It is included in this. 

Just in case,  no need to rant; we are just users who have more experience.  We have no say/so of how things are sold.

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Hi Mr Dee.

For your info, Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 is a red-box cut-down, restricted abilities version of Creator NXT 7.      It sells at $30 compared with $80 or $100 for the full-featured Creator NXT 7, and doesn't have many of the things that Creator NXT 7 has.

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Mr Dee,

I've been working on your problem for a couple of days, and I think I have found the cause.   However I certainly don't have a solution for it! :(

I tried making a DVD like yours with a WMV intro and a MOV movie.  Using Creator NXT 7's MyDVD it worked fine, but using Easy CD & DVD Burning 2's version of MyDVD I could not get audio from any of my software DVD players or my Blu-Wave player.    It was there in preview, but I could not get it to playback in the DVD or ISO that the Redbox MyDVD made.

MediaInfo said there was an audio track there, but it was in PCM audio rather than the usual Dolby Digital AC-3 audio.



I made a number of DVDs with each software, and regardless of the source files [WMV, MOV, MP4, AVI, etc]   NXT 7 always output AC3 audio, while Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 always output PCM audio.      I went through two dozen random DVDs from my commercial DVD collection, and they ALL have AC3 audio and NONE have PCM.    I have gone cross-eyed reading the results from search engines, but have not found any way to play these DVDs with their PCM audio.  :(

We had quite some problems in earlier years,  with the company cutting off the useful bits of Creator (including AC3 audio)  to make the original  Easy CD & DVD Burning, but I think they may have outdone themselves with this version.  What use are the DVDs if you can't play the audio?

If anybody reading this knows how to play these DVDs with audio on PCs and DVD players, please step in and tell us.   I can upload a small ISO to Google Drive (about 80 MBs) for a limited time (please PM me) if you want to poke a stick at it.

Sorry Mr.Dee.




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