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MyDVD and Windows Media Center



I have the 2004 version of Windows Media Center. This version will not allow you to burn your recorded TV on to a DVD. I purchased the EMC9 with the hope of being able to burn recorded TV shows. When I go to my DVD and browse for the download - I cannot find any of the programs I have recorded. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this task? I am not to computer savy -- a step by step process would be appreciated.





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NO versions of WinXP have built in DVD burning. Usually, the manufacturer will include extra software to do that.


First make sure you have all the updates to Media Center (rollup 2). That should bring you up to the Media Center 2005 release. Make sure you have udpated video card drivers and the latest DirectX (oct2006).


Media Center records TV shows in a folder called "Recorded TV". The default location is:

C:\Recorded TV


This can be changed in the Media Center settings. You should see the recorded shows with the dvr-ms extension. See attachment.


In Videowave, just ADD PHOTO/VIDEO like any other file. You will then be prompted to convert it first and asked where you want the copy to be saved.



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