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Is Toast 19.2 working for ANYONE using Mojave?

Escott N

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I just bought Toast19 Titanium as it seemed the best alternative out there. I used to do a lot of dvds with iDVD which worked great a decade ago, and am surprised that there aren't even better options now.

So far I have been disappointed that the only menu customization is backgrounds and music, and something seemingly simple like changing fonts, colors and sizes is not possible in the newest version. I settled or using one of the standard menus and build my dvd, but now it fails at the end of a burning session, whether I burn to my internal drive, a brand new external drive, or a disc image. 

Based on the comments in this group it seems like there is no point in talking to Roxio support, which is disappointing. I am trying one more burn then will contact support, and probably give up and get a refund.  

I know, I know, DVDs are supposed to be an antiquated delivery system, but it is a really easy low tech way to share with people who might not have the latest hardware or tech savvy, like my parents.  

Please, let me know if anyone has any tricks to getting Toast 19 to work!

OK,  in the time it took me to write this, Toast crashed again at the end of a burn, so, any alternate apps you would recommend?  Yikes! 


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This will probably be my last post here.  

I gave Toast a good try based on reputation and reviews, but it NEVER worked.  No real menu customization and it never completed a burn, not once, and I tried it on 2 computers. Very disappointing. I returned Toast19 and they did give me a refund as promised, so they did live up to that expectation, but the app itself was a complete failure.  iDVD did way more 10 years ago than Toast19 does now, which is really surprising. How can they charge $90 for an app that doesn't do much of anything?  After doing a bit more research I bought "DVD Creator-Burn Video Maker" by Peng Guiping on the Apple App Store. it is FULLY customizable, any font, size or color, different frames, music, you can drag menu items wherever you want, basically is it what iDVD was and what Toast should be, but isn't. And it only cost me $15. I was able to burn multiple DVDs on the first try, and even when I push it to its limits it has worked well. It's not perfect, there are a couple of improvements that I would hope for, but really it is so much better than Toast as far as customization, speed, and versatility.  Best of luck to anyone sticking with Toast. My recommendation, give this other app a try and save yourself some headaches! Happy New Year!    

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